Does ruminant phosphorus?

The urine of six people would cover the phosphorus requirements of one dairy cow.Dietary phosphorus is a fossil-based finite resource, its use requires continued attention. A cow’s ration usually covers about 80% of its phosphorus requirements. Contrary to common beliefs, all kinds of phosphate intakes are equal and can be used by the cow. Once the phosphorus has been digested, it is mainly rumen bacteria, through saliva, that use more than 80% of it.

As green power systems become more and more popular with consumers, it is essential to implement regular assessments of the phosphorus content of forages. Indeed, it is impossible to define standards in this field as they are affected by climatic, agro-pedological conditions, and crop and harvest management. For environmental, resource conservation and animal welfare issues,the short or long term management of inputs must be controlled: a cow that doesn’t have enough one day or too much on the other day is having a tough couple of days.