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Enform la ration

Mineral and vitamin intakes are key elements to livestock welfare and ruminant longevity.
Balancing intakes is essential to the environmental and economic impact of livestock farming.
Would any star chef go without flavorings and salt to supplement their dishes?

Our unique expertise

Our nutritionists’ environment has enabled us to develop an analytical treatment of samples of rations, forage, or livestock feed.
The recommendations we give consider both livestock farm’s data and our standards.

Our offer

Our lab offers a referral service on mineral and vitamin nutrition for ruminants. It can be used for a specific farm, a ration type, or the main forage in a given area.
ENFORM is the doctor who analyses the laboratory results, makes a diagnosis, and offers you a solution.

How does it work?

We define the project together.
Each farm will have to fill in an individual information form to send with the samples.
On receipt of the samples, you will receive an acceptance confirmation and your recommendations will be sent by e-mail within 10 days, for an individual case/study for instance.