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The lab

The challenge in the coming years will be to redefine crops and livestock productions
within a social, economical, and valuable context for our planet.

Making sense

Providing experience, expertise, and innovativeness to livestock production systems: these are the main reasons that made me create the ENFORM lab.

Indeed, by reference to and in light of the development of AI, new artificial foods, or epigenetics,
We will have to display ever greater creativity to support technological revolutions and to make livestock farming useful and “ENFORM”.
My dearest wish is to share this experience with farmers, young talents, experts, enthusiastic firms to enhance passions.

Create standards

The future of crops and livestock production will depend on our ability to innovate, which means embracing science throughout its fundamentals and creating new standards.

After thirty years in international nutrition and health companies, I am deeply convinced about this. Learn more about us, contact us, engage with us!